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Lambers Is A Marriage & Family Therapist, Award Winning Author, Corporate Trainer, And Keynote Speaker

Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV, is a marriage and family therapist who has counseled individuals, couples, and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds, in private practice and non-profit organizations, as well as ministry environments.


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Why Lambers?

Lambers is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings a positive, empowering and shame-free perspective to difficult topics. Lambers leaves event participants feeling encouraged to act in news ways that benefit themselves as well as others.

Here's Lambers' Journey So Far

Lambers has cultivated a unique history of experiences and training which he utilizes to empower others to overcome relational barriers and increase their professional efficacy through improved personal and professional relationships in various environment.

The Early Years

A Passion for Relationships Develops

Lambers’ passion for strengthening relationships could be seen early in his childhood on the south side of Chicago when he responded to the devastation of his parents’ divorce by studying every relationship he could find in hopes of learning how to build a healthy marriage relationship of his own that stood the test of time. Even beyond studying relationships in his extended family and broader community, Lambers utilized rare foreign exchange program opportunities in France and Germany to explore similarities and differences in relationship dynamics among other cultures.


A Study in Relationship Begins

Lambers eventually set off to study the psychology of interpersonal relationships at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Even as an undergraduate student, Lambers made the most of opportunities to assist in graduate-level psychology research overseen by pioneers in the field of relationship psychology.


Uncommon Relationship Training Obtained

Feeling compelled to bring the relationship research to the real-life couples who needed it, Lambers obtained a Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. While there, Lambers also obtained a Master of Divinity as well, learning how to effectively apply the psychological principles in secular and faith-based environments, with practical strategies for reducing the impact of varying faith differences and misunderstandings on his efforts to strengthen relationships everywhere – no matter their similarities or differences. It is here when he officially began his journey serving couples as a Marriage & Family Therapist.


Cultural Barriers to Relationship Growth Emerge

Lambers eventually married his college sweetheart and returned to the Midwest to expand their family while continuing his relationship strengthening efforts. Over time, however, Lambers began to realize that not only did perceived cultural differences barriers seem to prevent many from seeking much-needed therapeutic support, but many well-meaning therapists avoided cross-cultural interactions as well – not out of overt biases or prejudices, but out of fear of unintentionally harming those whom they sought to support due to cultural ignorance. Seeing a problem that would remain the same if not sufficiently addressed, Lambers offered to help meet a growing need.


A Unique Method of Diversity Training

Acknowledging the reality that no one knows everything about everyone cross-culturally, but also that even a minimum cultural awareness foundation could be enough to empower therapists and potential new clients to make significant progress together, Lambers created the Diversity Made Simple training to meet that need. Although originally intended to help his fellow mental health professionals, reviews consistently reflected how practically applicable it was – focused on personal and professional relationships (without psychological jargon), leading to referrals and recommendations outside of the mental health field. Seeing a rare positive, encouraging and shame-free diversity training experience, principals began sending their teachers, community leaders began sending their volunteers, corporate leaders began sending their managers, and many more. To date, over 10,000 helping professionals in various fields have been encouraged and empowered by the Diversity Made Simple program.


The Award-Winning Book

Realizing that as a full-time therapist, opportunities to meet the growing need for live training was limited, Lambers turned his training into a book by publishing Diversity in Clinical Practice: A Practical & Shame-Free Guide to Reducing Cultural Offenses and Repairing Cross-Cultural Relationships. Not just for therapists, this award-winning book has been nationally recognized for the unique way in which it has encouraged and empowered helping professionals around the country and beyond in their efforts to meet the needs of a greater variety of individuals, families and communities, no matter their cultural similarities or differences.


Lambers’ Diversity Simple Mission

When he isn’t supporting couples as a Therapist, serving as an Adjunct Instructor, or guiding aspiring therapists as a Supervisor, you can find Lambers continuing his mission to provide positive, encouraging, and shame-free diversity trainings to helping professionals around the world – increasing confidence and reducing the cultural competence barriers that get in the way of effective service to others and healthy personal and professional relationships, no matter the cultural similarities and differences.

Here's What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Lambers provided one of the finest trainings I have ever heard, incorporating our cultural values, with deep and practical application for our staff, volunteers and even our board. I have been and continue to be a fan of Lambers’ reconciliation and peacemaking efforts.”

Tim Walsh
Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

 I would absolutely recommend Lambers as a speaker because he is engaging, energetic, and relatable.”

Shannon Rhoads
Move Forward Counseling

Lambers broke down how privilege shows up (as it sure has sounded convoluted when listening to media or talking to others), broadening my understanding of how to talk to those of diverse cultures.
I really appreciated the message that everyone, regardless of skin color, needs greater cultural awareness and understanding about diversity.”

Laura Knopp, MSW
Abiding Peace Christian
Counseling Center

I was immediately impressed with Lambers’ depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in this realm. More importantly, I found his approach to the topic to be nonjudgmental, unifying, and refreshingly encouraging of all people to engage in productive dialogue and learn from each other. The material was clearly delivered and relevant, his presentation style was engaging and thought provoking, information and concepts that were immediately useful in clinical practice and stimulated a desire to have ongoing conversations on what can be a very challenging topic. Lambers was the best speaker on multicultural issues I have ever seen in my career!  I would highly and confidently recommend him for anyone striving to advance their cultural awareness, knowledge, skills and abilities.  Lambers is simply a very dynamic, relevant, and empowering speaker!”

Sean Reardon
Park Nicollet

Helping Professionals To Increase
Multicultural Awareness & Competence

A Positive, Empowering & Shame-Free Approach to Reducing Unintentional Cultural Offenses and Repairing Cross-Cultural Relationships

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