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Unintentional cultural offenses can impact:

Lambers Is A Marriage & Family Therapist, Award Winning Author, Corporate Trainer, And Keynote Speaker

Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV, is a marriage and family therapist who has counseled individuals, couples, and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds, in private practice and non-profit organizations, as well as ministry environments.

Here's What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Lambers presented on a sensitive and challenging topic in a way that was approachable, compassionate, and practical. He was engaging and the time flew by. Best of all, he provided concrete skills to help therapists work more effectively and in a multiculturally competent manner. I would absolutely recommend Lambers as a speaker – 100% without a doubt. This was one of the most thoughtful, nuanced, and practical seminars I’ve attended on this topic.”

Jonah Paquette
Kaiser Permanente

I appreciated Lambers’ many examples illustrating concepts and meaning. I felt encouraged in my journey to understand more about racism, diversity, privilege, etc. I loved the repeated movement away from rigid, all-or-nothing beliefs, toward wresting in the gray areas. I have already started using some of the things he talked about – that felt validating. Lambers provided so much information in one day – I feel I learned two days worth of amazing enhancing practices and ideas. Excellent presentation!

Linda Olson, LMFT
Woodbury, MN

I was pleasantly surprised by Lambers’ ability to present in a humorous, positive, non-blaming manner. This training was so refreshing in that way, and much needed during these challenging days. I learned a great deal while staying totally engaged in the presentation. Lambers was incredible in maintaining this attention for over 6 hours! I also took a closer look at my own way of thinking and have been practicing more empathy in my personal and professional life. I would absolutely recommend Lambers as a speaker! He offers a fresh perspective from which all types of professionals can benefit.”

Jill Killeen
Prescott Valley, AZ

I just completed the Diversity Made Simple Masterclass and I am so grateful for the teaching provided. I especially appreciated the emphasis toward intention, continuous learning, and repairing relationships. Lambers packed a lot of important information into this brief training and helped me to broaden my view of culture and diversity. He approached this topic with wisdom and humility. I would definitely recommend Lambers as a speaker.”

Tina Ackermann
Waconia, MN

Helping Professionals To Increase
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A Positive, Empowering & Shame-Free Approach to Reducing Unintentional Cultural Offenses and Repairing Cross-Cultural Relationships