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Kare11 Healing & Hope Roundtable Discussion about Teen Mental Health

WCCO Radio Show with Sheletta Brundidge: Teaching Black History Creates Risks / Worries for Educators

WCCO Radio w/ Sheletta Brundidge: Lawsuit Against Diverse Corporate Practices

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Mastering Counseling Podcast with Becky Coplen

Widowhood Real Talk with Tina Podcast

Strong Tower Mental Health Podcast with Heidi Mortenson: Faith & Diversity

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Empowering Relationships Despite Political Divides: How to Find and Reaffirm Shared Values

Psychotherapy Networker

“The Ask”: Engaging Fellow Therapists of Color During Turbulent Times


A Therapist’s Response to Social Justices: A Call to See, Feel, Act

Psychotherapy Networker

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See if “Diversity in Clinical Practice” is for you with this overview of not only who this book is for, but also a glimpse into the positive, practical and balanced perspective used to help you address often-difficult cultural challenges.