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Diversity Made Simple: Multicultural
Awareness & Diversity Training

Are Unintentional Offenses Hurting Your
Sincere Efforts to Help Others?
You Can Change that TODAY!

No professional wants to offend their client… but all too often, cultural misunderstandings hinder healthy interactions, either through unintentional offenses or the avoidance of issues all together. And if you lose your client’s trust, you also lose your opportunity to offer your service effectively

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Here's What You'll Learn:

Module One:

The Relevance of Cultural Competency

Why do you need cultural competence in the workplace? In module one, we will explore the disadvantages of cultural ignorance to your current professional effectiveness as well as the benefits of increased cultural competence.

Module Two:

Practical Definitions of Diversity & Competence

Many clients feel oppressed or misunderstood, avoid counseling, or leave counseling early due to cultural misunderstandings. This module provides practical understanding of diversity and competence in a way that can transform workplace conversations and practice.

Module Three:

Practical Strategies for Reducing Offenses and Repairing Relationships

As society’s rules change regularly, avoiding offenses completely is virtually impossible. However, this module provides practical strategies for significantly reducing cultural offenses, as well as for repairing personal and professional relationships when offenses do occur.

Module FOUR:

Common Cultural Experiences & Misunderstandings

This module provides an opportunity to apply the previously discussed strategies through the exploration of common misunderstandings based on various cultural groups.

Here's What Is Included:

The FULL 6-Hour Online Course

Diversity Made Simple: Multicultural Awareness Training For Helping Professionals


Diversity Made Simple:
3 Essential Steps to Increasing Your Multicultural Competence

The Worksheets

The Essential
Worksheet Collection

Here Are The Available Training Options

Specifically designed to meet a variety of professional needs. Select the training format that best fits your organization’s needs.

Keynote Speaker

Conferences, Workshops, & Corporate Events

Encourage and empower your team with Lambers’ unique balance of insightful information, humor and authentic empathy.


30-minute On-Demand
essential Training


30-minute On-Demand
essential Training

This brief, yet comprehensive, training can help you instantly increase your cultural competence and improve your understanding of often misunderstood cultural needs and experiences as well as practical strategies for being a more culturally competent professional.

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Online Course

6-Hour On-Demand
Comprehensive Training

Online Course

6-Hour On-Demand
Comprehensive Training

This on-demand version of the full-day live training addresses a variety of topics intended to help you increase your cultural self-awareness and other awareness, reduce unintentional cultural offenses, and repair relationships damaged by cultural offenses.

Included Bonus!! E-book & Worksheet Collection

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Live Interactive Webinar

90-Min, 3-Hour, or 6-Hour Virtual
Training (Fees Vary)

Live Interactive Webinar

90-Min, 3-Hour, or 6-Hour Virtual
Training (Fees Vary)

TRAIN YOUR ENTIRE TEAM with this live seminar that offers all the benefits of the online course, with the opportunity for interactive learning as well as personalized application of the empowering content to the needs and concerns of your organization, and the client population you server.

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Group Rate Available

6-Hour On-Demand
online course

Group Rate Available

6-Hour On-Demand
online course

Enroll your leadership team, or your entire staff, in the Diversity Made Simple online course, allowing them the schedule flexibility to learn these valuable strategies according to their varying schedules.

(Discounts Available for Groups of 5 or 20; Multiple purchases allowed)

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Coaching Intensive

6-Hour On-Demand TRAINING

The Companion eBook, the Worksheet Collection and 3 Hours of Live & Interactive Q&A!!!


“Ask Me

Here's What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Lambers’ zoom seminar was ALIVE from beginning to end. Lambers laid a foundation that stood up til the very last sentence. He spoke from lived experience. Instead of regurgitating knowledge from books, he pulled information from sometimes humorous perspectives in his life, whilst bringing home very profound truths. Lambers’ seminar was filled with life changing “pointers” that help guide the way without condemning the one trying. He consistently reminded us to look within and ask very deep questions. I was left with many things to contemplate and new eyes to see life differently. I am eternally grateful.”

Priscilla Barnett
Passages Family Support

Lambers normalized the tension around cultural competence conversations, inviting us to participate in the dialogue even when, or especially when, they are uncomfortable. Lambers helped me realize that I didn’t have to know everything about everybody to have a positive impact on somebody, giving incredible permission for us all to engage in the training wherever we were at and start to grow from there. Lambers’ focus on our own opportunities for growth and self-reflection, rather than stats and theory, made this one of most engaging trainings on the subject of multicultural competence that I have ever attended.”

Stephani Wolfe
Creighton University
Arizona Health Education Alliance

I loved Lambers’ Diversity Made Simple seminar. I loved how empowering and can-do it was. I loved how he explained so many concepts and was so normalizing, especially giving so many relatable examples around religion, socioeconomic status, and privilege. It was so helpful and made me feel as though I CAN do this work. Thank you so much for this much-needed presentation and your wonderfully relational approach to it.”

Jane McCampbell

The most beneficial aspect of Lambers’ training was the explanations and examples he gave throughout his presentation of diversity. Lambers was clear and I was able to understand and follow his training on this very meaningful topic. I would absolutely recommend Lambers’ training to anyone.”

Tongia Sullivan
Kaiser Permanente

Lambers Is A Marriage & Family Therapist, Award Winning Author, Corporate Trainer, And Keynote Speaker

Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV, is a marriage and family therapist who has counseled individuals, couples, and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds, in private practice and non-profit organizations, as well as ministry environments.

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