What People Are Saying

Lambers was excellent. I thought he was very engaging, real, and helpful in offering down to earth strategies and perspectives on diversity. Thank you!!!”

Joan T., MA, LMFT

Lambers creates a bridge for those whoe are new to grappling with the often difficult and emotionally-provactive concepts of diversity. Students and professors alike can learn from his expertise and unassuming presentation style. Lambers is an engaging and high energy speaker who gives the “medicine” with a “spoonful of sugar.” His charismatic style keeps everyone’s attention and challenges both those who are just wrestling with diversity issues for the first time, as well as those who are knowledgeable in the concepts. I get him on my schedule whenever I can to teach my students!”

James zapf
crown college

I highly recommend Lambers Fisher as a speaker on the topic of multicultural awareness and diversity. As Executive Director I have coordinated these live in-person as well as webinar trainings with Lambers for our association, and I have appreciated his timely communication and collaborative nature. He is a gifted speaker who is skillful at presenting what can be a sensitive topic in a way that keeps all attendees engaged and open to learning.”

Sara Bidler
MN Assoc. for Marriage
& Family Therapy

Lambers is extremely knowledgeable both as a result of his personal experiences as well as his professional training and experience as a therapist. I found Lambers to be very engaging and effective in helping our mostly white students to understand and wrestle with the realities of ongoing racism and white privilege without being triggered or shut down by feeling blamed or guilted. Lambers’ presentation style was very warm and personal, and the training was
fast-paced yet clear and thorough in its content. Lambers engaged our students’ questions and comments extremely well, taking time to understand and address their questions in depth. I would highly recommend Lambers’ training to anyone interested in learning more about and becoming more skilled in multicultural awareness and reconciliation!”

Kevin Callaghan
Woodland Hills

I attended Lambers’ one-day seminar on Multicultural Awareness and Diversity to become more multiculturally competent in my classroom where I teach graduate students training to be licensed counselors in schools and agencies. I got so much out of Lambers’ seminar that I invited him to do a workshop with our university. The students loved him and learned a lot of from his non-judgemental, informative, sometimes humorous and all times engaging style of instruction. I would recommend Lambers to any group of students, mental health workers, church members or community leaders who wants to learn about tolerence, social justice, multicultural competency and humanity. He is unique in his presentation style and helps his audience deal with difficult emotions and experiences with acceptance and comforting words. He is amazing!”


Lambers’ training helped me to understand the privilege that I, being a White woman, experience on a daily basis. It helped me to have a better understanding of what minorities might experience and how to respond it to it if comes up in my work with them. I really liked the questionnaire Lambers offered an will bring that into my practice. It also made me think of the experiences I have had, being a Jewish White woman, where my religion can’t be seen, but it can be now and in the future. Lambers has a lot of good knowledge and is not afraid to share it. He gives good examples to help you understand and he makes you think (he made me think). I learned a lot!”


I just completed the Diversity Made Simple Masterclass and I am so grateful for the teaching provided. I especially appreciated the emphasis toward intention, continuous learning, and repairing relationships. Lambers packed a lot of important information into this brief training and helped me to broaden my view of culture and diversity. He approached this topic with wisdom and humility. I would definitely recommend Lambers as a speaker.”

Tina Ackerman
Waconia, MN

Helping Professionals To Increase Multicultural Awareness & Competence

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