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Diversity In Clinical Practice :
A Practical & Shame-Free Guide To Reducing Cultural Offenses & Repairing Cross-Cultural Relationships

By Lambers Fisher, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & National Speaker

Too often, therapists and other helping professionals feel paralyzed by the fear that they don’t know enough about other cultural groups to counsel clients different than themselves. In his debut book, Diversity in Clinical Practice, Lambers Fisher sets out to mitigate these fears by providing a framework for professionals to better understand the experiences of cultural groups with whom they are not personally or professionally familiar.

With his encouraging and non-shaming approach, Lambers will challenge you to learn more about other cultures, accept what you do not yet know in the process, and utilize strategies that can help you become an increasingly culturally competent professional. Beyond ethnicity, you will explore issues
of age, gender, sexuality, religion, acculturation, and social justice, as well as identify opportunities to strengthen your own cultural self-awareness.

Applicable for a wide range of professionals―including counselors, religious leaders, occupational therapists, educators, coaches, physical therapists, and nurses―the practical and impactful strategies in this book will allow you to:

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Diversity in Clinical Practice had the honor of winning a Gold Award at the Independent Book Publisher’s Association’s 34th Annual Benjamin Franklin Awards

The Benjamin Franklin Awards are regarded as one of the highest national honors for independent book publishers.

Here's What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Lamber’s work deserves to be a standard in education for helping professionals. The book’s research summaries make nuanced concepts clear, and the personal reflection questions provided make controversial issues humane. With the use of frameworks and a wide array of case vignettes, Lambers cultivates a commitment to diversity education in clinical practice that is integral to professional competence. No reader is left feeling this work is for ‘someone else’, and each one will be a better professional (and human) for having read it.

Kelsey Crowe, PhD,
Author of There Is No Good Card for This:
What to Say and Do When Life is Scary,
Awful, and Unfair to People You Love and
Founder of Empathy Bootcamp

In this work, Lambers brilliantly weaves through complex topics such as race relations, culture, social justice, and critical elements of developing trusting therapeutic relationships with diverse groups of clients. More importantly, perhaps, he offers the reader refreshingly optimistic, encouraging, and easily accessible insights and guidance regarding how to navigate such complexities in a respectful, thoughtful, humanistic, and uplifting way that validates all life stories and experiences.”

Sean M. Reardon, PhD, LP,
Director of Outpatient Behavioral Health,
Park Nicollet Clinic

With a tone of acceptance, grace, and guidance permeating throughout, Lambers has poured his heart and soul into this easy-to-follow and incredibly meaningful book. Lambers establishes a lens through which to approach situations and creates space for the reader to process the content as they read. It is more than an informative book, it’s also a workbook in many respects. Knowledge + Action = Change. Cultural competency is a daunting aspiration, and Lambers has done a remarkable job of understanding where readers at every level are coming from and helping them enrich their relationships professionally and personally.

Rebecca Hustad, MS, LMFT,
Beacon Mental Health Resources

In this book, Diversity in Clinical Practice, Lambers Fisher invites readers into honest reflection on important cultural issues that influence our macro and micro experiences and offers many practical applications to support forward movement toward cultural responsiveness. As an educator and therapist, I have engaged with many resources, and this is one of the best for understanding
in all its many splendored dimensions, for highlighting ways to grow and develop in one’s own cultural awareness and responsiveness, and for practical applications that can be engaged immediately. This is a superb resource for all helping professionals!

Tina Watson Wiens, MA, Assistant Professor,
Clinical Supervisor, and Marriage & Family
Therapy Program Director, Bethel Seminary

Lambers Is A Marriage & Family Therapist, Award Winning Author, Corporate Trainer, And Keynote Speaker

In Diversity in Clinical Practice [Diversity in Clinical Practice in Champagne], Lambers utilizes lessons learned from over 20 years of counseling individuals, couples and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds to empower you to help everyone feel culturally seen, heard, and valued — no matter your cultural similarities or differences.

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