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   Thank you for participating in one of my recent trainings!  I hope that you were able to hear what you needed to hear to enhance your efforts to strengthen your interactions with those with whom you share similarities as well as differences.

   In my continued efforts to encourage and empower others through similar training opportunities, I have found that hearing of the experiences of past attendees like yourself tends to be valuable to those considering inviting me to speak to their teams or individually attending one of my live seminars.  A few short sentences from a satisfied participant can even have more of an impact than my own description of the services I intend to offer.
   As such, please consider this no-obligation invitation to share of your experiences below.

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Here's What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

I love how Lambers expanded the idea of diversity in his training to remind us of the diversity we all bring. Lambers also created a healthy framework and mindset in which we can learn to bring our humanity to learning, growing and trying to give others the benefit of the doubt. During these polarized times, Lambers provided a compassionate framework in which we can learn to challenge ourselves and our clients to see other perspectives. I would recommend this training for everyone! Lambers both challenges others to see varying perspectives while also challenging us to be an advocate when we see or hear racism or other forms of oppression. He also acknowledges that this will look different for different people. As clinicians, we do have the ability to contribute incrementally to the betterment of our society and Lambers’ training provides skills and tools for doing so..”

Naomi Doriott Larson
Collaborative counseling

I appreciated literally everything about Lambers’ training!!! This was one of the best trainings I’ve ever had. I love Lambers’ analogies and the way he used them to make it simple for everyday people as well as professionals. Lambers’ call for action in a nonjudgmental manner was very much appreciated.”

Brenda Muthoni
Hennepin County

Lambers’ excitement was amazing. His knowledge was unmatched!!! Absolutely!!!! He knows how to capture the attention of a large group. He makes the subject matter engaging..”

Jewel McLaurin
Brooklyn Park, MN

I really appreciated the ways to encourage and seek out diversity. I also loved learning about ways of responding to cancel culture. I would recommend Lambers because I found him engaging and interesting, full of good info.”

Kelly Evans
Down to Earth Therapy

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